April 21, 2015

Jasmina Rose (Kordes Rose)

Jasmina rose is another strong disease resistant rose in my garden. It has glossy  foliage which the leaves never shrink because of pest problem. Quite thorny because it is climber. (Kordes climbing rose). However it doesn't bloom often in my garden, perhaps I should plant it on ground instead of pot. It always bloom in cluster, although the flower size smaller but when it bloom in cluster it is still very showy!

Definately will bloom in cluster around 7 or more flowers for a bunch

Sweet pink

Healthy looking always

April 8, 2015

Crown Princess Margareta (David Austin Roses)

I have been so long not posting any articles about gardening. Let's start over to introduce myself, I'm a rose lover, I plant all roses without chemical spray. I only use organic spray to control the pest like Mr 101 or neem oil. So only tough, strong disease resistance roses will survive in my garden. 

I would like to share one of the strong disease resistance climber rose breed by David Austin, its name Crown Princess Margareta, an apricot orange beautiful roses. It never beat down by any pests, always bloom beautifully without chemical sprays. 

Crown Princess Margareta is easier to propagate by stem

They can bloom in flushes

My garden is located in tropics weather, we have been struggling to fight for pests all the time. So strong and tough roses will always be my choices.