February 4, 2012

Zinnia Pompon

I'm a gardening beginner. Last few years I was very mad on gardening and spend a lot to buy plants but end up many of them dead. In 2011, my new house small garden just setup, my gardening's heat back again. So i wish to learn everything over again.

My very first time to grow seeds successfully was the first try on Zinnia Pompon. Here is the steps to grow Zinnia Pompon.

  1. Start sow the seeds in damp soil . You may use a saucer to fill water put underneath flower pot. Sprinkle the soil morning and night. 
  2. The seeds sprouted after 3 days and grow very fast after that. Remove the water in the saucer.
  3. Transplant to medium pot when it has 4 true leaves.
  4. Give 3 days in shaded area to let it familiar with new environment
  5. Once it look healthy and recover from transplant, we can move to full sun area and water by watering can
  6. Every week give little fertilizer (not too much)
  7. Pinch off need to do when it grow 12 inches tall, just cut the upper part and the part being cut can be planted also. The purpose of pinch off is to grow more branches
It is very fun to grow from seeds as you will wonder how it looks like and what's the flower's color. After two months, it start to blooms, the colors are so lovely